12 Week Challenge Journals

The Most Helpful Journal You’ll Ever Use!

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Daily Food Log helps you:
• Stay on track with healthier habits
• Reach immediate and long term goals
• Identify patterns for feeling better
• Determine food allergies
• Understand eating habits
• Recognize emotional triggers
• Learn how nutrition affects health and energy
• Replace the generic workout card from your gym.
Daily Exercise Log helps you:
• Remember to get up and go.
• Target areas that most need tending to
• Feel proud as endurance/strength increase.
• Can replace workout card at your gym.
What Others Are Saying:
“As a professional trainer, I needed a book that
made sense to me and my clients. This one is the best I’ve seen on the market. It’s just what I would custom order if I could ask for anything. Thanks.”
Dan B. – Tucson
“This journal is just the right size. I bought another “purse sized” journal and found the lines too small to write in, so I avoided it. The book has everything I needed to stay on track. I bought a few for my friends who’ve seen (and been jealous of) my improvements!”
Jennifer K. – Sioux Falls
“I was buying this for my wife, but after seeing how much great information it had, I bought it for my sister,
my mother, and myself too.  Thanks for the fast delivery!”
Chris S. – San Diego
“This is the best journal I’ve ever used for logging how I eat,
and it’s so much better for my exercising than the 30-day one my
trainer tried to give me. I told her no thanks I have this one,
and she read it and bought 3 dozen from you!”
Sondra G. – Colorado
12 Full weeks of daily diet & food & exercise journal.


Conveniently spiral bound to lay flat and write in easily!


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