Are you ready for your 12 week program for Total Life Improvement? Well, if you’re like me, you spent way too many years enjoying the “convenience” of most meals from drive through, order in, or from a bag, and being chained to a desk or couch. Bottom line is, you’ve eaten unhealthy for years, and sat around getting fat, lazy, and unhappy. You’ve thought endlessly about how badly you want to feel better, look better and enjoy your remaining years, but you just can’t seem to find a plan that sticks. If you’re over 40, you’re probably on a few medications, too. Three years ago, I was there. Wondering if my best years were behind me, and doubting if I’d never feel good again. I was watching other people with energy and stamina, being jealous and depressed.  Are you there?  If so, I’m glad you found my site. cheeseburger-34314_640
victory win achievement total life improvement  First, trust me – it’s never too late to turn it around! The 12 Week Turn-Around is a guide for those of us feeling lost as to where to begin. You are ready to challenge yourself to be the best version of you that you can be. Here’s how: Each week, you add a habit, and break a habit. It’s simple, but not easy. You have to be on a mission, but in 10 weeks, you will be a different person. A bold, confident, energetic, fit, happy person. In most cases, the order in which  you add and break habits don’t matter.
There will naturally be some frustration, because you’ll miss your old bad habits, and have to learn to enjoy the new ones, but don’t give up. This plan will add years to your life, and improve the quality of your life so you can enjoy those extra years!
To get started, we want to take a self-assessment.  I have the form set up as a google document that you can download and print, or save to your google account and type on directly. The form is no one’s business but your own, so be brutally honest, because you never have to share it with anyone.

Once you’re done, come back to this page and put the weeks goals in the order you prefer. Try to be logical, some steps are bigger than others and it’s better to start small, and work  your way into the bigger steps. The more steps you accomplish, the more you will gain a sense of being in control, feeling self-empowered, and proud of yourself again.

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