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10 Tips for Quick Weight Loss

1. Ignore what other people in your house eat, especially men and kids. They both have faster metabolisms, and we can’t match them.

2. Completely dump all sugars. All white breads, pastas, rice, pasteries, white potatoes and cereals. And, no sugary drinks like frappa-mocha-latte-whatevers. The hard one for me is popcorn. I’m a … i WAS a total corn-aholic. I would pop some around midnight, douse it in butter and parmesan, and eat it with a spoon. If it got too salty, i would have to balance it out with snicker bites. Yes, I totally earned my 60 extra pounds. If you MUST have something carb-ish, try the Kashi go-lean cereal. Slather it with stevia and enjoy. A little goes a long way to making you full.

3. To increase your metabolism, munch constantly. I know this goes against what we think of as dieting, but the goal is to never get hungry. When i get hungry or overly hungry, any reasonableness I had in making healthy choices goes right the hell out the window. ALSO, your metabolism is increased a LOT by this. Further, your pancreas, (which regulates insulin in your body) remains stable. Each time we give our body a big dump of food, we run the risk of adding not just weight, but belly fat.

4. What you munch on matters. Try nibbling on more protein oriented snacks like a hard boiled egg, or string cheese. Don’t give up the fat, either. Fat slows the digestion, leaving you fuller longer. Avoid crackers. Today for lunch i had celery stuffed with low fat feta cheese. I don’t measure, i just had 4 full stalks. I also had a handfull of raspberries and sugar free bread and butter pickles with it.

Sugar free jello pudding cups have only 60 calories. If you eat it with celery instead of a spoon, and chomp the celery each bite, it actually works out to one stalk per cup.
Do NOT munch granola, rice cakes or any of those overpriced 100 calorie snack packs.

Cottage cheese with salt & pepper is good, or no s&p, but one fruit instead, like a peach. Low fat is good, no-fat cottage cheese has added sugar.

An awesome munch combo for me is 10 almonds, a big handful of any kind of berry, and an ounce or ounce and a half of feta or low fat cheese. It takes a while to eat, and i’m not hungry for a few hours.

5. Whatever veggies you like, get them in the house and dress them up any way you want. I like zucchini with Parmesan and italian herbs. Eat veggies as often as you can stand it.

6. Anything you are used to eating out, cut in half. Decide that before you even order. Nix the biscuits and bread (which if you go to red lobster or mimi’s is hard to do, cuz they are super yummy). But decide to do it while you’re on your mission to be the incredible shrinking you.

7. Water. I know people say it, but i was not AT ALL drinking enough water, cuz i knew i wasn’t thirsty, but then i realized how much diet soda i drank. There’s something in diet soda, that when combined with caffeine, gives you a sense of “empty”, that we mistake for hunger, and eat more. Aspartame is a very evil and dangerous chemical. Also, weight loss comes from pee, not poo, so drink!

I had sun chips on the 4th of july and put on .8 of a pound. Even tho they are whole wheat, they are very carby and addictive. I knew better, but habits are hard to break, and I love everything salty.

8. Start the day with protein instead of carbs. If i have oatmeal in the morning, i’m starving in one hour. If I have 2 eggs with an ounce of cheddar inside a whole wheat tortilla, i’ve got 2-3 hours before i’m hungry again.

9. Make soup – fresh soup from scratch. I like broccoli cheddar with butternut squash in it. Soup is filling, and takes time to eat.
Don’t eat canned soup.

10. If you’re not in to soup, try the Kashi line of entrees. I was surprised to learn they have 15 entrees, so you can eat something different for dinner for 2 weeks. The whole wheat penne pasta dinner is amazing, under 300 calories, and if you eat slowly, has you full for a good long time. Of course, I added feta to mine, but it was still lo-cal.